Ignite 114

Designed for high compression naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines with compression rations of 14:1 and higher, IGNITE 114 outperforms similarly rated gasoline based racing fuel. With superior burn speed and energy value, IGNITE 114 will reduce engine temperature while delivering more power and torque.

Distillation – IBP ASTM D86 F 161.1
5% F 167.0
10% F 169.2
20% F 169.7
30% F 170.1
40% F 170.1
50% F 170.2
60% F 170.6
70% F 170.8
80% F 171.0
90% F 171.5
95% F 171.9
Distillation – EP F 177.6
Recovery vol % 99.2
Residue vol % 0.4
Loss vol % 0.4
API Gravity ASTM D4052 API 44.6
Specific Gravity, 60 F ASTM D4052 0.8034
Specific Gravity, 67.2 F 0.8005
Specific Gravity, 72.5 F 0.7894
RVP ASTM D5191 psi 2.84
Oxidation Stability ASTM D525 minutes > 1440
Color Light red


Ignite E98

For straight ethanol applications, IGNITE E98 is your weapon of choice. Formulated to the highest standards for raw ethanol, to provide the highest quality and documented consistency. IGNITE E98 delivers outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications.


Ignite 108

With its naturally high octane content, IGNITE 108 is the ideal choice for medium to high compression engines that rely on quality consistent octane content. IGNITE 108 optimizes burn rate and energy value at cooler operating temperatures than traditional gasoline based racing fuel.

Distillation – IBP ASTM D86 F 139.6
5% F 161.1
10% F 166.5
20% F 170.1
30% F 171.1
40% F 171.5
50% F 171.9
60% F 172.0
70% F 172.2
80% F 172.4
90% F 172.9
95% F 173.7
Distillation – EP F 225.9
Recovery vol % 98.2
Residue vol % 0.8
Loss vol % 1.0
API Gravity ASTM D4052 API 47.5
Specific Gravity, 60 F ASTM D4052 0.7846-0.7946 0.7907
Specific Gravity, 67.2 F 0.7878
Specific Gravity, 72.5 F 0.7858
RVP ASTM D5191 psi 4.15
Oxidation Stability ASTM D525 minutes > 1440
Color Light green

Propylene Oxide

Our propylene oxide actually increases a fuels’ oxygen content. What does that mean to you? Measurably increased power. Propylene Oxide is guaranteed to work with any fuel. Engine adjustments are NOT needed; simply mix 1 quart to 3 gallons of fuel and immediately begin to reap the benefits.

  • Mixes with gas, methanol, nitro, and diesel.
  • Mix one quart to three gallons.
  • No jet or timing change.
  • Increased horsepower 8%.

Pro-Nitro Nitromethane

Pro-Nitro Nitromethane

ProNitro Nitromethane ™ 100%

Don’t let anyone tell you differently – ProNitro, with a purity rating greater than 99.95%, is the highest quality Nitromethane available.

Do tenths of a point in purity really make a difference? Believe it! What you don’t get, you wonder…nitroparaffins such as nitroethane, and known carcinogen II-nitropropane. Who wants to run that through their engine? You WILL experience more power, greater speed and more wins using ProNitro.

While we work hard to always have ProNitro on hand, demand has been nothing short of astonshing. Please order right now to gaurantee your ability to benifit from the purest Nitro on the market.

Availability: 1 gallon, 5 gallon – 15, 30 and 53 gallon drums.

Please call for latest pricing. (877) 240-3278


It’s time for the race to start… Do you know where your methanol has been?

We pump our product in our facility allowing us to use specially designed filters to insure the integrity of the methanol. We believe that packaging our methanol in lined steel drums with a layer of nitrogen on top eliminates the possibility of moisture contamination.

Our clients agree that our Methanol is superior. Our quality product will give you the advantage our clients have come to expect. We look forward to having you as a client and hearing how our products enhance your season!

Methanol™ 99.99% Purity

  • Virgin Methanol
  • Methanol is also available with additive